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Why Us


Not many professional accountants necessarily have real work experiences in business sectors, but we do have the experiences for over 30 years. We are familiar with how the accounting process and controls work within the businesses and how the information flow across the organization. With these, we are good at understanding your requirements for us to be able to offer tailored services that meet your unique requirements. If your business is relatively small, or your company is still in a start-up phase, it may be difficult to have a dedicated in-house accountant but we are here to support you in such circumstances.


Are you not distracted by a lot of queries and requests from your headquarters? We are happy to act as an extended part of your supporting functions to interact with your internal stakeholders via email, phone or online meeting. So that you can concentrate on your core strengths and develop sustainable businesses while we support you in the background. The world is active 24/7 and communication is so easy and fast with a variety of means. We are here to help you facilitate your communication across your organization.

Strong IT background

You might be struggling to find resources to tackle with pain points from your current processes. Or you might be involved in ERP system rollout initiated by the headquarters but again you may not have internal resources to drive the project locally. You can rely on our expertise on every IT related requirement which may help to enhance your accounting processes and internal controls. We can also directly or indirectly participate in your ERP implementation to closely work with your project team. 

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