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Welcome to KAZ Tax & Accounting

​We provide tax advisory and accounting services for small to medium sized businesses and individuals.
Feel free to contact us for any queries whatever they are. Everything will start from a conversation to understand your need. We are happy to listen to you and offer solutions for your every need at affordable prices.


Our Value

With over 30 years of work experience with MNEs of varying sizes from small to listed ones, our services can be tailored to meet every business need in a flexible manner which could not be easily offered by large accounting firms.

Our services for smaller businesses can cover the areas where you may not have dedicated in-house resources. While we take care of those areas, you can focus on other significant aspects of your businesses so that you will enjoy cost-effective services rather than hiring a full-fledged expert within your team till your businesses grow large enough.

Our Approach

We closely work with our clients to ensure that the services they receive meet what they desire and are worth them paying for that. When suitable, we can act as an extended part of your team to support your every need and to facilitate communication with your internal stakeholders. Typically, we are happy to directly interact with your headquarters and local colleagues if your company is part of a global organization for example.

We understand no solution fits all. We listen first, then properly discuss with clients how our services can fit all their unique requirements.

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